Saturday, July 13, 2013

The twisted Love Triangles of Ko-One 3

Ko-One React or Ko-One3 has brought many original characters including the fun-loving Melody! The teacher whom proved to be different from others and truly cared for her KO-One class.
Melody comes across Jiro's character Wang DaDong again in KO-one3 and expresses how proud of him she is.
Melody's reappearance also starts ups Dadong's excitement towards school, because everyone knows Dadong's major crush Melody hasn't ended yet! 

Melody and Dadong...but what about Dadong and King (played by Pets Ceng); the duo that earned many followers in KO-one2, what will happen to King and the ex-boss of the KO-One class Dadong?? What will their love story become? Dadong promised King an answer before losing his memory and disappearing. 

Aside from King&Dadong what about King's childhood friend whom has loved her forever~ Zhong Wan Jun?? 
King~Lei Timg and Zhong Wan Jun also gained many many followers from 
Ko-One2 , the two were not afraid of death and pulled through. Lei Ting promised Zhong Wan Jun a chance if they survived.

A teacher who saved Dadong's life...returns...his biggest crush 
...Dadong promised Lei Ting his answer which was the same as hers...he loves her...
Lei Ting promised Zhong Wan Jun a chance!

Who will be with who??
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  1. xD cant believe they brought melody lao shi back. well, i missed her. xD

  2. where can i watch this with an english subtitle???..