Saturday, July 13, 2013

Calvin Chen shares Wow Fashion with Mainland China

5 of Taiwan's celebrity designs went into Mainland China to share their brand with fans and other curious consumers.
Wow fashion (Calvin Chen's brand) and other brands like Outerspace (Leo) or Continued (Darren)...and others all joined forces and went into Mainland China to express themselves through their designs. 
Genie Zhou, Calvin Chen and Leo all pose here infront of the many parcels that were being set up to meet up with fans and new customers.

Calvin expressed on his weibo: "What a great experience and so happy to have shared theses great brands with everyone today!"
Genie later shared the comment and said: "Today was a fun day and thank you for these two seniors for helping me so much today :D"
Leo later reposted saying : "It was a fun day too bad we didn't have enough down toke to go around explore and have fun but Genie only Calvin's a senior here! Im still not that famous." 


  1. :D lol its genie with calvin again! brings back romantic princess memories~

    1. I thought they were quite a cute couple!
      ~Xiao Lin