Sunday, July 14, 2013

Just You "Aaron's Love Rival is his Friend!!"

Look familiar? Yup that's right Dean is back and he's still that best friend, You know the nice guy that alway nails the main girls heart!
But this time Dean's ideal is...LiangLiang!

In the next episode Boss Qi Yi finally has a love rival to test his limits and see if he might actually care for Liang Liang but at the same time Boss Qi Yi injures himself and requires the care of Liang Liang. 

This accident will create more chances for the two to be together and he will see liang liang's caring side. But will Dean win her heart first?? 


  1. xD i love dean~ almost as much as i love aaron, but not quite >_<

    1. Ikr I miss Dean so much too~~~ his chinese has improved