Saturday, July 13, 2013

Aaron Yan HK concert Success

Aaron Yan last night performed his "Insomnia" Concert in Hong Kong. The passionate fans all filled the room and were ready to accompany the singer through his insomnia. 
The photos below all provided either from fans or Aaron himself show the excitement that was felt last night through his music!
Aaron Yan FB Photo: Thank You My Dearest Chun.
Chun though unable to attend Aaron's concert still wished his good brother best wishes and for him to sing and dance like no one is watching because HK was his that night!


Before going to bed the singer didnt forget to thank all his staff, 

"Thank You fans, Thank You lighting staff, Music teachers, Band, and everyone for making this night so wonderful! "

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  1. Aw! thts sweet of chun to send flowers! :D chunlun~