Saturday, July 20, 2013

Aaron Yan criticizes himself for having bad Cantonese pronunciation, a lot of pressure singing “Chase”

13TH July: Since going solo from Fahrenheit, Taiwan artist, Aaron Yan held his first solo concert in Hong Kong, titled ,“Aaron Yan Insomnia music concert.” After performing a few songs, Aaron greeted his fans in Cantonese, saying, “hello everyone, I’m Aaron Yan, I really missed you.” Since Aaron has only released one album, he only had 15 songs, therefore in addition to performing his own songs, he also sang renditions of his own favourite songs, of which included Leslie Cheung’s “Chase.” However, after singing he said, “to be able to sing this song required a lot of courage, because the people who were practicing with me said that people are going to laugh at my bad pronunciation, and my performance will make Leslie angry.”

At the celebration dinner, Aaron admitted that his rumored girlfriend, Puff Guo, did send him a message wishing him good luck. When asked why he did not invite her to watch, he replied that she was busy.

Original source: Sina Entertainment


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    1. I just came from AF and read this as well haha. Aaron, you're fine, your cover was great!! Your canto is really improving