Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Aaron Expressed his mind with his Facebook (06/2013)

Lately due to some unhappy comments towards Puff Kuo, Aaron had been adistressed  mood. He expresses to everyone of his fans and other fans that words can hurt people regardless no one should say such hurtful words to anyone.
Everyone must consider also that Puff and Aaron have to work together everyday so if his fans say things to her online how will she feel and how awkward will it be for them?!
This photo Aaron updates: "Words can hurt a person deep inside, be wise with your words."
-Have nothing nice to say? be quiet-

This photo showed Aaron's mood had slowly lifted up. Its an Art Globe made of Gummy Bears. 
Aaron stated: "So colorful and creatibe. (and YUMMY!)"

This last photo is the last update so far: Aaron refers to the characters clothing schemes. clothes and they are fine
2.then they wear a lot of clothes
3. They originally wore no clothes but they are shy while caught in the shower?!?! 
Love Cartoon Logic!!

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