Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Fabulous Boys Rant 10-12

  • Everyone in AN Jell finally knows that Mei Nan is a girl. Xin Yu Finally gets the chance to confess to Mei Nan but then he already knows that Mei Nan likes Tai Jing. Jeremy, on the other hand, was very upset when he found out that Mei Nan liked Tai Jing. Tai Jing also confessed to Mei Nan.

  • I thought that Mei Nan or shall I say Mei Nu is very cute and naive. So this is how girls are like when they are in love huh? Even a kiss is not good enough haha.... ^_^

Our brains and true feelings thinks something different from our words that we speak...haha
Translation Tai Jing, that kiss was fun

  • Tai Jing finally found out that Mei Nan is the child of the man who his mom had an affair with. 
  • The real Mei Nan is coming back. So that means Mei Nu is going out of AN Jell

  • Xin Yu and Tai Jing helped Mei Nan find who her mother was.
  • She is a singer named Gu Meng Hai

One thing that I have to include is Gao Mei Nu and I both love stars! ^_^ 

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