Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Aaron Yan won the Milk award

"It’s my honor! Yeah, we have to speak English at these kind of events. Thank you Milk Magazine! I will drink a bit of alcohol beforehand to prepare myself for the celebratory banquet. I will get drunk because we have to enjoy life, do you guys agree? *Audience: YESSSSS!!!* Thank you (to Magic Power) earlier for inviting me to *does the Marksman Dance(you can watch the marksman dance here)
*, I will practice and familiarize myself with the dance a bit more. Also, George (Hu), long time no see, miss you bro. Thank you Milk Magazine. Thank You."

^^ Here are some photos from the event *******

Look Aaron ran into Xiao Rou!

I love how he came up and said "We have to speak English at these kind of events".

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  1. <3 he is so hot!!! omg i love his english xD and yay~ george hu, and xiao rou. looks like ya lun met up w a lot of old friends. ^_^