Saturday, July 13, 2013

Gucci's 60th Anni. -Chun makes appearance

Gucci's 60th Anniversary Party Celebrations~ Invites all past Gucci endorsers and also designers. The top notch an high security party was a place of glam and glory for all guest. 
One very special guest though was our one and only Wu Zun!

It's been a while since Chun has met with the public but he was happy as ever. Smiling and greeting everyone along with the media wanting to know any new gossip around the Super Stars life back in Brunei. He simple says everything is going great.
When asked about his good brother Jiro Wang and Danson Tang starting to look more and more alike and going under the knife (sugery/botox rumors again) Chun is forced to answer again whether or not he can tell the difference between them.
Chun laughs and answers "Obviously, we've been close for so many years. Besides not just sugery can change a person I dont think they've gone under the knife...a new haircut, tanning and weightloss can all change their appearance they are looking more attractive and thats great!"
Chun then was asked upon whether he was against sugery and if his nose was real...Chun again laughed at the questions. "My nose is real, and I believe sugery isn't bad but personally I am thankful for what my parents have given me. I dont believe I'm perfect or that anyone is perfect but its what is inside that counts."

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