Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wu Chun announces "I Am A Dad"

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 Chun&Daught (she is 2yrs old i believe) 

I posted the original news link for everyone below!  I only ask for fans tl please understand Chun's situation, though at one point and time I really did believe him, now all i can say is that he is a good husband and dad. He respected his wife's choice to stay out of the limelight and even respected his family by keeping everything on the down low. He did express all this on his ChunZone website. He isn't getting framed this time; It is real. The night prior to the announcement he did return to Taiwan, both Calvin and Jiro showed up to eat bbq with him. Aaron wasn't there most likely due to work though he just recently returned from mainland. 
Chun is a blessed man now with his upcoming son , daughter and wife! I wish them a healthy and happy future. (Plz join me in congratulating him! -xm)

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  1. Although i feel kind of "she bu de" of my original first "love" in fahrenheit, i have to say, seeing him so happy, i just cant help but feel happy for him as well....
    Congrats Chun!!!! just as your best friends and ella all congratulated you. i am sure he is one of the best fathers in the world, just like hes one of the best superstars in the world. and happy early birthday ;D