Monday, October 14, 2013

Jiro Wang Signs with Mainland Chinese Management Company

Jiro Wang signed into a new management company during September. His new management company is called Hairun Media which is in Mainland China. They manage well known actress Betty Sun (孫儷). They held a press conference to welcome Jiro to the family. A novelist Hai Yan (海岩), who shared that he had invited Jiro to star in an upcoming adaptation of his book, Bandit of Chang’an <長安盜>.

They asked Jiro about his new shift in management, and Jiro explained since the first character in Hai Run Media (海) means ocean and since his surname Wang (汪) contains the water marks, water is suppose to enter the ocean. Hai Run executive Liu Yanming (劉燕銘) added that this new contract would allow Jiro’s television dramas, movies, and music albums to be combined under one name.

At the contract-signing ceremony, Hai Run revealed a surprise for Jiro when writer Hai Yan shared that he hoped the singer/actor would be able to star in one of his works. “I recently wrote a book called Bandit of Chang’an, which is about a true story that happened in Xi’an,” said Hai Yan. “I hope to turn it into a drama and a movie. The story’s protagonist is a police officer, and I think [Jiro] is very suited to portray a police officer.”

Betty Sun also showed up at the event, which was a pleasant surprise for Jiro, a self-proclaimed fan of her dramas Jade Goddess of Mercy <玉觀音> and Legend of Zhen Huan <后宮甄嬛傳>. He was so nervous upon meeting his idol that he kept perspiring and insisted on addressing Betty as “Empress,” as her character is known in Legend of Zhen Huan.

However, Betty joked that Jiro had beaten her when it came to press conferences, since Hai Run had never held one for her, even though she had been under their management for twelve years. “Two years ago, the company promised me that they would give me a grand press conference when I renewed my contract,” she stated. “It’s been two years already. A few days ago, I received a notice to attend a press conference. I figured that it was close to my birthday – could it be that the company had prepared a surprise? After I got all dressed up and came to the press conference, I discovered that it had nothing to do with me, and my heart flowed with tears.”

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