Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My Boy Boy Boy Boy Friend ~Jiro Wang

My Boy Boy Boy Boy Friend Starring:
Zhang Wen Ting (Xie Na);
Wang Yong Cheng (Hu Bing);
Hao Zheng (Wang Dong Cheng Jiro);
Chen Han (Liu Ling Fei);
Xu Bo Wen (Lee Seung-Hyun) ;
Xiao Ou (Xie Yi Ling -HoldZhuJie)

Wen Ting has been a greedy girl ever since she was young; her mom always advised her to not be so greedy but she only replied her greediness is for the greater good.
Finally at the age of 19, Wen Ting who has loved the same man for 10 years is harshly thrown aside and she finds herself totally lost near the age of 30. Her whole life has been wasted and thrown into love. Due to this heartbreak she sets a rulebook for love; Love is broken up into different diversities...

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The movie has been rumored to aire in November of this year, there has not been an official date given but if there is, we will follow up. 



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