Saturday, October 12, 2013

Aaron Yan Guang Zhou Concert

Other than adding Dang Bu Zhu De Tai Yang (Unblockable Sun "Justyou theme song") he also added a few other changes to the song list but regardless the concert was packed with fans from all over. He later performed with his junior PopuLady's Yu Shan still leading the crowd to still jump in their seats seeing him so up close and personal with a woman; still Yu Shan has won the favor of many fans and many have admitted the young girl is a lot like Aaron she loves music and is very cute! 
A big highlight that night though was when Aaron made a statement about Wu Chun proving though he didn't show when the three met he wasn't in the haze. He said, 
"Wu Zun is already a father and now I am an uncle who isn't even married yet? Such a weird feeling!" 

(Photo Credit to weibo fans)