Sunday, September 29, 2013

Golden Bell Awards Aaron not listed Netizens attack back (金鐘獎 炎亞綸 沒入圍萬友打抱不平)

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Aaron seen as one of the left outs for Golden Bell Awards. Aaron yan practises violin for idol drama “Alice in the wondercity” but was not nominated for Golden Bell awards. Despite giving himself a lot of ratings pressure when the drama aired, he wasn’t able to get nominated. Many netizens expressed that they thought aaron managed to turn successfully from an idol drama actor to someone who has the potential acting. The netizens were sad that he wasn’t nominated when the list was out.

金鐘獎 炎亞綸 沒入圍萬友打抱不平。
能那麼的入角色 可惜沒入圍!希望明年
Aaron’s weibo update (He forwarded this news): “再接再厲,繼續努力囉

恭喜入圍的大家 ” / Let’s keep on working hard! Congrats to everyone who was nominated!

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