Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Happy Birthday Wu Chun {video&poem}

Video by Xiaolin ~ happybday blessings

10/10/1979... he was born
he is brave 
he is strong
he is smart
and he is caring...
his look appear to be the best, 
but he feels they become a pest
we have all joined in his nest 
and agree he is the best 
let it be the east, the west 
forever angels will caress
Wu Chun, the man of honor 
the god of joys 
Wu Chun, the man of wisdom 
the husband of bliss 
Wu Chun, the man of men
the man of Today.

Wu Chun Happy Birthday.
 (-poem by xiaomei-) 

Happy birthday to Wu Chun!!! 
34 years old and already he has a blissful family... steady career and fans who wish him the best <3 !!! 

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