Saturday, October 5, 2013

Calvin Announces He leaves MTV JK-Pop Show

He has been proud of his many memories with MTV but the profound artist is now moving on. Calvin has decided it is time to leave after his contract with MTV has ended, he told everyone that he will cherish these memeories and that he hopes in the future everyone will support his future works.
Calvin intends to work more towards his acting and jump back into singing and still continue to host. No matter where he is though many KPop fans have fallen in love with this sunshine host who took so much care of their Kpop artist like Shinee F(x) DBSK SuperJunior and even Japanese artist like Kat-Tun or AkB48!
Fans all send their blessings 
Good Luck Calvin!

1 comment:

  1. aww! i wish i could have been on that show at least once... i always watched the competitions and new most of the answers.... too bad I live in america...
    oh well. jia you, Cal! yay! returning to acting and singing :D im looking forward to ur future projects.