Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Interviewed by Vogue Chun Speaks

This month is Chun's Birthday and Vogue Magazine has taken the chance to interview the now public Father of one and a half.
His son is to be born sometime this month so most definitely it won't matter how busy daddy is this month, he will be returning to Brunei to welcome his first son into the family. The best part is that his wife still has their daughter (2years of age) to accompany her while he is away.

Chun openly told vogue magazine that he has been married since 2009; he has always wanted to share his good news and didn't want to lie to his fans but regardless he felt family will always be more important.
His wife requested that he keep quiet for now, considering that he is still a spotlight in the media field, just last year though his wife was caught by paparazzi, and that is when Chun claimed it was his sister in law that they'd taken a photo of; it was infact his wife and lover since he was 16...
The two have been side by side for 18 years and he chose to be a good husband and to protect her from he media, this touched many fans hearts and he only said that he chose to be honest now because he wants to really share his happiness with everyone.
He understands if he cannot be forgiven but he will always cherish his angels as he did before.

The above photo was from when his little girl was born and to show his sincerity to his fans; he allowed everyone to witness they little hand of his little angel.


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