Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Jiro Wang CocaCola Performance 2013

During the interview Jiro answered many things that were definitely worth listening! One of which was the news of his upcoming works!!!
Jiro was asked whether or not he had any plans on getting married or having a baby, he laughed and said he is married to work now and he isn't having plans on marriage. Rather the artist expressed "When I act, acting is my baby. My music is my wife."
This statement is almost ironic because next year the artist is to come out with another new album after his concert tour is finalized and he is to act in a Ancient Chinese Series.
He is making a small cameo appearance in the remake of Legend of the Condor Heroes that is now using Michelle Chen as the main lead "XiaoLongNv"

Jiro happily expressed the idea of whether or not Fahrenheit will reunite on stage next year.
He said "If our schedules are all working, and Chun's babies are good to go, I'm sure all of us are willing to reunite on stage."
The brotherhood has proven themselves for us for Fahrenheit, for prior to the day that Chun was going to announce himself as a father and husband he reunited with Calvin and Jiro and when Aaron was going to have his concert tour Chun didn't forget to send him a text that Aaron happily made public to show their brotherhood was still strong as always.

This years Coke Performance was give to Jiro only consider that the other are now other different contracts, Jiro is to be said the only one to carry on the sponsorship of Coke. Regardless this rocker was full of passion and roses~!


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