Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Jiro Wang's newest project

It is already ben rumored after Jiro signed onto his new company in mainland his new focus will be more mature figures.
He is to have a cameo role in the upcoming remake of Legend of the Condor Heroes which will star Michelle Chen as XiaoLongNu. His character is to be of the evil khan division.
But other than that to look forward to,he will be working on a new project Pirates of the Chan An (roughly translated---an English title hasn't been disclosed yet).
Jiro signed with the producing company today in Shang Hai and with hopes this project will be a breakthrough to the past 30 actor.
Jiro Wang has spoken before and changing his ideal of appearance and wants to leave the IDOL for the new younger generation. Let's all wait and see how he embraces "MANLY" characters.  

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