Tuesday, September 10, 2013

終極一班3 第10集 KO One 3 React ep10 RANT {BESTEPISODE }

I've watched every episode and this drama is good, it has the fighting from the first KO-One but it also has the love stroy from the KO-One 2.
This episode though it the best so far, I'm sure the next episode will bring up some more details and interesting facts but for sure though this episode brought back the Ulitimate Villian , Hei Long. He is Duan Chang Ren's older brother that Wang Dadong, Ya Se Wang, REX, and Ding Xiao Yu defeated in the first series. I believe he is the villians of villians he just makes the story better.
Well in this drama, it didn't start with HeiLong; it starts with Gu Zhan(SpeXial's Hong Zhen) and his messed up and uncleaned love life. Honestly I like his character,he always act cool and strong but secretly he is a Wang Da Dong Fan! LOL ~ and I'm sure he likes Qiu Qiu. Qiu Qiu gets into trouble and has a battle w/ the girl that likes GuDanGe, and they have a long battle later the girl eats "Hell Vision" and if you haven't been following "Hell Vision" is a drug that boost the heart and blood rate and makes your battle points higher. Half way through the battle GuDanGe's friend LiYanYan shows up to help Qiu Qiu. The girl( I keep saying that girl bc I forgot her nameLOL) who likes Gu Zhan then attacks and injures both Li YanYan & QiuQiu. Zhi Ge (Spexial's Wei Jin) & Gu Zhan shows up and helps the ladies.
I personally find Qiu Qiu's character very sweet and caring this may be why Gu Zhan likes her she always wants to help.
The drama then takes a huge 360 and the focus is back on Hell Vision and on the poor Duan Chang Ren that every thinks is the bad guy, except dadong bc he expects something is off.
A battle starts up and its Gu Zhan, ZhongWanJun, and Hei Long, then later on KING, and Hua Ling Long get attached into the fight. None of them are a match for Hei Long obivously. Wang Da Dong then shows up and gives HeiLong a surprise, but Hei Long knows he cant defeat this little punk and decides to play sly he grabs King and uses her life against the guys. Dadong willingly lets HeiLong attack him and is severely injured. When at the hospital he looks fine to everyone but when no one is there he continually pukes blood.
The next episode in the preview showed that Jiro and Pets may be getting closer but it doesn't look like Zhong Wan Jun will be letting go. Also Zhi Ge love story picks up with Han, but his dad also shows up. Let's all anticipate.


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  1. What did you think about the ending? Do you think that Gu Zhan and Qiu Qiu should have been together? The series left so many things hanging but this is the one thing that I just cannot get over :(