Monday, September 2, 2013

More information about Aaron's book Taipei Dreaming

Aaron's first Taipei travel books has
  • nearly 150 the greater Taipei area attractions. 
  • hardcover concept Photo Album has 200 sheets of new beautiful portrait pictures.
  • over 30,000 words true story of Aaron
  • First private Taipei concept first theme song / Zhang Jun Wei and Chen Xinyan Jane tailored Aaron's latest single "Taipei sleeping."Section in the place in Taipei, love songs with sleepwalking bewildering. Gorgeous and sad strings lay, from calm to strong melodies, Aaron again to challenge themselves, to sing the most sense of auditory perception movie screen."Sleepwalking private Taipei" photo book text book signing will begin in Taiwan

Aaron "sleepwalking private Taipei," Taiwan's book signing sessions:

8/31 [six] 14:00 Kaohsiung Dream Mall - Happy Place

19:00 Taichung New Mall

9/01 [Japanese] 14:00 Dazhi Miramar - Ferris Square (5F)

A little preview of Aaron's book

"Sleepwalking private Taipei" photo book catalog text

1. Chapter 1 - Love
        1-1 encounter
        1-2 Wait
        1-3 see love
        1-4 exchange
        1-5 first
        1-6 Start
        1-7 past progressive tense
        1-8 reunion
        1-9 Farewell

2. Chapter 2 - Family
        2-1 troubles
        2-2 Happy
        2-3 to change
        2-4 distance
        2-5 forgive
        2-6 Complete
        2-7 There is a "love."

3. Chapter 3 - Friends
        3-1 trip
        3-2 Basketball Dreams
        3-3 My B612 Planet
4. Chapter 4 - Myself

Taipei Dreamin 'Guidebook directory

★    I see love in Taipei
★    looking happy in Taipei
★    Taipei Sleepless
★    do one day a child in Taipei
★    Open Taipei time capsule
★    with the closest distance, tasting the most in the ground in Taipei
★    Read Taipei tide Culture
★    Featured in Taipei with beautiful shops with dreaming!
★    Taipei friends do the warm-eat restaurant in Taipei
★    adhere to self-styled Taipei Cultural and Creative Zone
★    find a home in Taipei , Taipei Speciality Inn introduction

"Sleepwalking private Taipei" Behind the Scenes text text Photobook

See the love

We Jianbingzhaojian, quietly watching from afar one called "happiness" of Figure;
Happiness too have forgotten, we are also part of the picture photograph.

I like her voice.

I have listened to me like she would then answer my voice.

In that almost no one is willing to listen to me good era ─ Every day, I go home quietly carrying bags. Dad still in the hospital is busy; mother, the same on my life, a lot of their opinions; sister, as in her own world, that lone child in the world. I have that home, the single most aggressive confrontation, is silent.Even I do not understand how he is come to this 3 +1 people in the world ...... and I am in that world, is a heterogeneous people unhappy.

Every night, at that time she should have finished the book, that is when my world of clouds, suddenly out of a slit split moment, I moved a phone number that familiar, one heard her voice, it will Let me feel at ease, it was the moon came out.

In the window the moonlight, I lay in bed, that was my most relaxing time a day. Time to start reverse, and we were exchanging, opened his eyes from the morning after doing every thing, every mood. Exchanging each one has experienced 15 years of age, at the time that the sky is falling thing.

Compared to her, I am angry with the language more impatient, more often, she just quietly listen to me, then slowly and gently answered me, she did not say what the big deal really, but it can always be soothe my heart, just like the night of the moon.

Often, I was in her voice, relax and fall asleep ......

Then had a dream.

In the dream, I saw love.

Dream of love, just as the lights of the city, the same glory.

I see love in Taipei! ( ★ keyword ) 1. Yangmingshan National Park : Backdoor ─ Culture University in Taipei saw the most romantic night, Bamboo Lake, Qingtiangang, Lengshuikeng. 2 , Taipei 101 Observation Deck. ( see Bessatsu P.01)

All credits to: HIM Entertainment

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