Wednesday, September 25, 2013

WuChun New Book Released "Ignite Courage" [吳尊-絕對勇敢]


Ignite Courage "絕對勇敢" -Jue Dui Yong Gan
is the book that Chun has been working on ever since he returned to Brunei, he has spoken many times on the book and about how he didn't know exactly what the book would be like or what it would consist of. Now I will disclose a little information over the book:

The book is broken up into 3 sections-
1.  那些成長教我的事  The things I learned growing up
2. 那些創業教我的事 The things I learned through work
3.  那些習慣教我的事 The things that my habits taught me

Chun has always been a person who knows himself best, all the band members and even Chun's family has spoken before of how he is a man who knows what he wants and is willing to give it his best regardless of what the outcome may be. 
In the book Chun will explain his past experience anything from his first job, to going to college, losing his mom to cancer and perhaps even his venture in a career as an Artist/Actor and entertainer. His road has been well paved but not easy regardless. 

The saying behind the book though is Chun's thought process:

"簡單就是一種幸福"[Simplicity is a type of happiness] 

Now that everyone has gotten a little understanding of what to expect everyone should hurry and save up to see the inside of Chun's world, buy the book and explore his journey. 


Youtube link of Chun introducing his book.

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