Monday, September 2, 2013

Wu Zun attending Dior Creamy Makup presentation

Wu Chun was in Wenzhou City Square Shopping Mall attending Dior creamy makeup customized presentation. He was informing people about skin care tips. He recommends eating fruits with different colors, such as the kiwi, which he strongly recommends. Eating seafood is also very good.
He says that he love the sun, but avoids getting sunburned. He says that it's always important to have moisture skin. He also gave an example of when he was filming in the desert. He had very dry skin and paid attention on working for having good moisturizer

As of right now, Wu Chun is working a getting bringing out a book and filming. He will start filming a new movie after a few months. He believes that his fans will enjoy his new work. 吴尊加油!

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