Wednesday, September 11, 2013

S.H.E Happy 12th Birthday

12 Yrs go by and they have gone through life and death twice.
1. Ella fell and almost destroyed her back
2. Selina getting burned over 80% of her body
Hebe stood on the side and assisted her sisters , she is quiet and scared but she kept hope. The pivot that balances the weights.
Selina stood strong when everyone prayed for her, she didnt give up and proved to everyone that a Princess is also a Shero.
Ella overcame her injury and stood up once again. Giving the stage her shadow and light. She feels like the weak one when it comes to vocals but she is reassures without her there is no

S.H.E Jiayou! Jiayou! Jiayou! Taiwan's shining stars, ongoing friendship and sisterhood. Love u all~xm.

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