Saturday, September 7, 2013

Jiro Wang BeiJing Concert~Success

Jiro Wang finally had his BeiJing Concert "As I Am" ; The once Fahrenheit boyban member is now a solo flying artist and on this tour hopes to make a name for himself. Everyone knows that Jiro has been working out a lot but lately the idol has been keeping low profile on his body...well all the fans this time got super lucky because during one performance Jiro had his dancer assist him in ripping apart his shirt. An old move ...yes, but the reaction was priceless and had fans going crazy. 

The rocker also showed up in many different styles regardless of his clothes; hair; even the mic stand's creative bat wing~^^ 

All in All Jiro did amazing and everyone should anticipate the next performance! 

(PhotoCredits: All on photos~weibo JiroFnz^^)


1 comment:

  1. so happy to know that concert went fine..! :)

    anyone has link for videos of his concert? really want to watch.
    pls share as well... :)