Wednesday, March 4, 2015

WATCH Calvin Chen on "The Romantic" dating show

1. Wan Mei Jing Tui- The Romantic P1
6. Wan Mei Jing Tui- The Romantic P6

Most episodes are only Calvin Chen's cuts, and I believe only ep1 is the full episode, If you wish to watch the full episodes just leave a comment or mssg me. Otherwise searching the name it is easy to find it too.

This show is a dating show, where there are 4 men, and a group a girls and each week the girls are sent home as to only keep the girls the males wish to go on a date with on the show. 

Guest on the show consist of Calvin Chen, artist Hu Xia, actress Zhou Shao Han.... and guest from Hong Kong and Korea (Sherry). Other than Calvin, Hu Xia, and Shao Han I am very unfamiliar with the rest, I think Calvin is really nice to everyone personally. 

Sherry the girl from Korea, in the beginning expresses her attraction to Calvin, and he is also one of the males with more admirers. 
Later on in the show though, we will see who Calvin will be interested in :D no spoilers...yet <3





  1. ¿You know if i can find this with sub eng?

    1. Not anywhere as of right now, Calvin doesn't have many english subbing fans. And I would do it but I dont have any copyright coverage to re-upload it. -xm-

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