Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Aaron Yan's First Movie to Star Korean Actress Kim So Eun

       Aaron Yan, in his previous years of acting in drama has been successful in attaining many praises from directors, and other superior actors whom he has worked alongside. This past two years under SETTV he has raised his standards, with dramas like "Just You" which was shot beside actress Puff Kuo of Dream Girls, and brought both Aaron and Puff to a new level in their acting careers winning them favorite drama of the year, and also favorite onscreen couple.
      In addition to "Just You", Aaron later picked up "Fall in Love With Me" where the script writer created a character for Aaron to challenge himself- acting as two different personalities in one person [LuTianXing who was a busy body and uptight artistic man of the advertisement world, and Xiao Lu who was a carefree, and approachable individual]; Aaron successful finished this drama with Tia Li (also of Dream Girls), and taking home Best Male Actor, Best Drama, and also breaking records with ratings.
      Now Aaron Yan will be paired up with Kim So Eun, a Korean actress who will have her first debut in China through the big screen. Her company has stated that this is her first project, but it will only be the beginning of Kim's journey into the Chinese industry. Aaron Yan has spoken of his character before being, Kim's Character's boyfriend who will naturally take on a more ignorant personality and in a situation they will fall out of love due to his messy lifestyle.
      The Chinese title of this movie, "昔日戀人 " which translate directly to "Past Lovers"。The english title given to this movie though will be "Sky Lantern" , in reference to Kim's character whom makes lanterns. The movie itself will be a collaboration of China&Korea- the director is Park Young Hun.
In April, Sky Lantern will start its shooting in Shen Zhen China; with the hopes to premiere by this November!



  1. putting this on my radar! love aaron and i also like kim so eun, so this will be great!

    1. Yes, yes! I think she is a very likable actress she is naturally very cute. I also thinks she looks so cute next to Aaron. I just don't know how the language barrier will work out for chemistry, but hey he is a charmer haha he didn't have issues with Lena, so I'm counting on a great watch. xm