Sunday, March 1, 2015

Lady of the Dynasty "Wu Chun"

Lady of the Dynasty or Yang Gui Fei, started shooting in the end of 2013 and it did go into quite a havoc of cast switching but the female lead "Fan Bing Bing" remains. It is also one of the most anticipated movies of this year, the date to come out has yet to be fully confirmed but Wu Chun's character this time around is a little different from past as he is to act as a general/prince consort, and he had spoke how the old script actually did not have this character, after a few switched the screen writer added his character in. 

Original this movie had a lot of conflicts but considering that they have finally finished up and it will soon be released I am quite anticipating it. I still find it a little off when i see Chun in these ancient china movies but I feel he really has come a long ways and I hope to see more of him because he is improving. (go back and watch Butterfly Lovers, and then watch General Yang :DD I did!)


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