Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Aaron Yan- takes it off during performance [clears up internet conflicts]

Aaron Yan {perfroms This Is Not Me-takes off shirt}

Aaron Yan Performs "San Can De Yong Bao"

Aaron Yan performs "Dang Bu Zhu De Tai Yang"

Aaron Yan recently had a conflict online, after some words regarding an actor/artist saying that Aaron was "Girly", also making a statement that he was very disrespectful. Aaron Yan did clear the conflict saying that "I am not really sure who he is really stating, so I have not really approached this issue."

Also during the performance at the University event above, the artist was also present but the two performers were separated at different time slots- so they did not meet and both company's made statements that proper greetings were made but nothing more considering the other artist had more locations to cover in that night.
Aaron on stage stated that he apologizes for anyone who had been looking at his Facebook, and for his direct statements toward certain conflicts and/or individuals but he wants everyone to know that regardless of the situation "everyone is worthy of love".

In a short recap- the issue had to do with some mishap of a irresponsible doctor/ who worked in the hospital Aaron's father also works in and Aaron made a commentary on it leading to this issue arising.

The performance that night in the University rose to its peak when Aaron Yan while performing his final song, This is not me "zhe bu shi wo"....towards the ending he suddenly took off his coat, and shirt...tossing it towards the crowd! And it is well known, Aaron hasn't taken off his clothing in even his concerts or mini events so I can only say these fans won it!


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