Monday, March 16, 2015

Jiro Wang - theme song "Super Hero" MV released


Jiro Wang's self produced drama "Super Hero" is going to be released on 3/23 at midnight which will be its first showing! I have yet to do more research on what times it will be showing but I am sure Jiro fans will post up videos and I will look around to see if there are English subs. :D

First is first though, the theme song performed by Jiro himself is now available! The song itself is very upbeat, it full of Jiro's style. The drama itself seems quite worth the anticipation considering that the script itself is one that hasn't been approached in a while, I mean I recall movies like this from back when I was like...10 maybe, but its been that long!

A time warp, or a travel in time---what ever the script intends to prevail I am quite anticipating Jiro's performance this time, as it can be seen that a lot of hard work was put into this drama.

Enjoy the Music Video, it has a lot of funny parts too...I mean come on its Jiro :D



  1. Any idea where I can buy this song, and Jiro's song from Singles Villa? I've look for both song to download or buy on CD, with no luck.

    1. If you would like those songs, then I can have our admin XL just give them to you. None of the songs are up for sale yet, considering that Jiro is expected to release an album, sometime this year.

      Contact us on our facebook page:

      And she will direct a way for you to get them, it'll most likely be just a download file.
      (Tell her that I sent you to get the songs - My name is XiaoMei)


  2. The MV reminds me a bit of the Kdrama from a few years back, Rooftop Prince. It looks interesting and the song is very upbeat. :)