Wednesday, March 4, 2015

"超級大英雄"-Super Hero (Jiro Wang Produced) Aires 3/10/15--Teaser included

March 10,2015 Jiro Wang will be releasing his first self produced drama "Big Hero" or in Chinese "Chao Ji Da Ying Xiong" ! 

The script is basically covering a time jump in space&time, Jiro Wang this time not only attempts more action-type exposures in this series but also has his first experience in ancient Chinese clothing. The cast itself can be said to be a lot of old-new faces mixed together to create a great anticipation! I also believe he has a double character kind of plot, currently I do not have deep details so let's anticipate! 


Jiro Wang takes the lead while other actors like his old friend Jin Bao San (Ko series) premiere in the cast, also the female leads with some familiar faces include Nikki Xie (ISWAK2), and Lorene Ren (Selina's Sister-In A Good Way)! 

The cast itself is very different and fresh in comparison to other dramas to site this year, I am quite excited for this one~~~~^^ 
Jairo's first time producing and he has taken on such a heavy script but so far all is looking good!!!