Friday, December 5, 2014

When Love Walked In Begins Airing in Taiwan- Calvin admits Victoria has cute lips

In the drama When Love Walked In, Calvin Chen portrayed Yu Jiang, and Victoria Song portrays Shen Ya Yin, the lost daughter of a multi-millionaire. The story has been stated to be very similar to that of Taiwan's original Romantic Princess, and from most points it is but the cast itself was a great selling point.
Bring in Calvin Chen from Fahrenheit and Zhou Mi from Super Junior may have been one of the best marketing practices yet, the two best friends and love rivals play more mature characters than that of the past as stated by Calvin.
"I was very impressed by Victoria and Zhou Mi's performance, considering this was their first real drama. They have great potential." -Calvin

Calvin also said that this drama was one that carried the most kissing scenes than any other drama he has been apart of, he states :
"There is a scene that Victoria is supposed to slap me across the face then I have to kiss her, she was so sad after that scene that night she kept calling to apologize. But I told her it was okay, but my face really was swollen after a few times of the scene, she was very professional on set though."

when asked about Victoria some more, Calvin's response:
"I realized that when acting and she is supposed to be angry her lips do her acting for her (laughs) they start to pucker up and she gets duck lips in a way. I find it so cute."

Fans in Taiwan enjoy the series as it was top rating drama when it aired in China!


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