Monday, December 8, 2014

Pets Ceng invites Jiro to be Male Lead in new MV

View Pets Ceng and Jiro Wang together again but this time she only can be with him as a friend protecting him and caring for him as a friend.

The song itself is very touching how you lose yourself after sacraficings so muvh, but regardless the Mv was very well done and Pet's songs are always so soothing. 

Jiro's acting is very acceptable, I say acceptablr because you cannot argue why you would not love this guy too. He is your best friend you think the feelings are mutual then out of nowhere you realize its not.... no spoiler haha. 

Enjoy these two adorable dorks <3 

Jiro character is totally lovable and Pets is in every girl's shoes...



  1. its a really cute mv :) for angels 'n demons, the new KO drama~~~

    1. I enjoy the original cast...mmm I'm not a big A'N'D fan yet so we'll see...I only watched clips n honestly I like Chen Xiang from SpeXial his charisma is there...and I've always like Wen Yu Fei. so I'll ship that couple but I did like her with Hong Zheng too idk tho lol
      In A'N'D though sadly I prefer Sunnee she's very playful and natural. :D
      -xm- (sorry late reply) lol still wanted to reply lah~