Monday, December 22, 2014

Aaron Yan performs for Christmas/New Year Festival
(2:48:19) Aaron Yan's performance

Aaron Yan was the second to last performance, bringing to the stage a lot of improvement and a lot of charisma. 
His performance of "No Cut" is probably his best live version yet ;) And he just keeps shooting out these charming glances so beware haha <3

Before him are performances from artist
2. Xie Bo An
3. Wei Li An
4.Bai An
5.Xu Jia Ying
6. Li Jia Wei

and after Aaron Yan is the finale performance by Show Luo.

This Christmas/New Year festival basically is celebrated to bring happiness and healthiness to everyone who joins in:) It is quite unique and a very cute celebration.

This year Aaron performs:
1.No Cut
2.That is not me
3.Unstoppable Sun
5.The Unwanted Love

He also had a little surprise for everyone  during Unstoppable Sun by getting off stage to throw candy out into the crowd.
Aaron is joined by his junior Yu Shan of PopuLady  as she assist him in performing 1/2 by him and G.NA (she isn't singingin the   same vocal range as Yu Shan's voice is naturally not as strong, but for last minute she did great)!


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