Thursday, December 18, 2014

Netizens ask Aaron to be next years SETTV AWARDS SHOW host

This year SETTV AWARDS SHOW went by very successful, not only did the viewings stay above 1.5 but they also raised to a high at 2.3 in ratings. 
Over thousands of voters joined in all around the world and helped their beloved idols vote, and as fans watched the videos online, and watched the live streaming (link is below-for ceremony) the views all around the world stayed at a relative high.

The three highest peaks were when:
1)Lego Lee's opening act performance
2)Aaron Yan & Tia Li presented the BEST KISS AWARDS
3) Puff Kuo & Liu Yi Hao presented best couple award

Not only were all the fans happy to see so many actors together but also many fans of the SETTV series commented on one individual specifically- the big winner of the night : Aaron Yan.
Aaron Yan became the focus point after taking home "Best Actor" but before that he already stole the attention with his great charisma- on stage and off stage with the news media.

Aaron Yan cracked jokes, and made silly comments all night long- staying in a good mood and teasing Tia Li all night long along with not letting go of her hand making them the most 
"SHINING COUPLE" of the night with everyone's eyes on them. 
The reason Aaron was the topic of the night after though, had nothing to do with his awards though, but indeed with his charisma charm. "Why doesn't Aaron Yan host next years SETTV AWARDS"
-fans and netizens posted all over and retweeted constantly Aaron Yan should be next years host as he was practically the one sharing the lime light :D

Congrats again to the big winner, and hey since he may not be shooting a drama for sure next year- why not host next years SETTV AWARDS? haha we'd all support!


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