Friday, December 5, 2014

Magazine BTS Aaron's Mom had to share

If anyone knows Aaron's mom then we all know she is very proud of her son. One reason is because he is so hard working, and is making a difference with every step in life and the other reason is that she is glad his good looks came to use haha. Aaron's mom is adorable regardless- she reposted all his photos from behind shooting while he was busy in mainland doing magazine cover stories <3

These two photos are sooo furry...and very taunting haha.

Aaron later uploaded this selfie. [ he kinda reminds me of a king here...a lion king :P]

This photo though was the photo Aaron himself couldn't help but share, in a way he seems so fragile here, but the beauty of the photo may be its simplicity and if it wasn't for the roses being set down it almost appears like the image is upwards.

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