Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Aaron Yan accidental fun cameo in drama "Dear Mom"

The drama "Dear Mom" currently airing everyday on Settv, happens to have a cast and a crew whom are all good friends with Aaron Yan, this is years big winner from the Settv Awards show. Not only did Aaron go visit the cast and crew but also slipped in and landed a character!

This character he has yet to perform! A Mafia leader! I know right, like what! 
But let's be honest they don't come out this handsome, of course Aaron wanted to have an accent, the scars and even the full fledge mafia look of course the crew told him they wouldn't risk his image that much,
Aaron's reply: I have no image I wish to uphold, no idol baggage at all!

The crew happily replied: We have idol baggage~ 
Winning this years Best Actor award usually follows with Cameos occasionally but with no plans to shoot any more dramas currently as he heads to China to work with the "Tiny Times" cast in the making of the musical, and later some movies it may be only at the end we'll see him again on Settv. 

Aaron enjoyed this experience though, working again with Ceng Zi Chao, whom was originally the female lead in Love Buffet before replaced by Reen Yu. And lets mot forget Jia Gai Xian~ "FILWM" all over again! 

Many complimented Aaron on his amusing character and pulling off his image of a Taiwan Mafia so well, so lets all anticipate how this will work out! 



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      Here's the link to episode 1, but it does not have english sub.

    2. thanks. i found a clip of his cameo.

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    1. I dont think he is getting the main lead in this drama. The drama has already been airing. I think he only gets to play a part of this drama.

    2. Currently Aaron Yan hasn't spoken up on any dramas, he has however spoken to take a lead in a theater/musical of "Tiny Times" and said he will be doing movies this year as his newest goals.
      As for dramas we may not see one till end of the year or next year :D