Monday, December 29, 2014

(Chun)-NeiNei: I miss my Fans daddy.

"Daddy I miss my fans!" says NeiNei :) 
Thats right the new child star, daughter of Fahrenheit's Wu Chun has openly told her father she misses "her fans"~^^

Wu chun showed her their photos and videos while they were in Ireland -Nei Nei after watching the videos told her daddy she missed seeing everyone. The limelight may be harsh for most kids but this little angel seems to have been born for it :) 
Of course Chun has said before "... If she goes into the ent. world I intend on being her manager."

Chun also commented on NeiNei's expression on missing her fans that hedidn't  know what to do with her :) She loves everyone and misses them so much. 
Since the Daddy is back days she still ask about her friends Tian Sheng, William and Olivia ~^^ 

NeiNei I'm sure daddy will take you to meet everyone again :)


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