Saturday, December 27, 2014

Aaron and Gui Gui taking pictures for Choco's January Cover

Aaron's first status on Facebook that he posted was 
"嘿嘿!好久不見的鬼鬼,Bo Bo Bo ,我們怎麼會合體了?!期待嗎?"
He he! Long time no see Gui Gui, Bo Bo Bo, How come we are together? Are you excited?

Translation of the video

A: How have you been?

G:I'm resting.

A:Why are you resting? Resting because...

G: I'm not filming anything so of course I'd rest.

(Aaron and Gui Gui Laughs)

A: I can't continue the conversation anymore.

G:I'm just joking, but for real, I'm taking a break because I think that people at the right time will rest a little bit.

A:Yea, that's right.

G: But I think that I have a little longer precipitate.

(Aaron Laughs)

G: Just to have a little work.



A:Haven't met in 10 years.

G:Are you talking about me?


G:Your really troublesome

A:You yell at her this way?

G:I'm talking about you.

I can't wait for these pictures to be released...too cute! Below are some previews from fans ^_^