Thursday, June 26, 2014

Jiro Wang IG updates- Kristen Ren/George Hu found! haha

Talk about a booming IG account!
JIRO ROCKER isn't ever too busy to be a little conceded haha~ Jiro updates and lots of photos!
"HERO or Ruffian?"

- HERO or Ruffian, well either way he looks great right~!  A nicely cut out suit open chested and dazzled by a simple big ring and black shades. SO JIRO!
Its so early yet, my schedule is already packed.

-Jiro look so tired here, but I have to say only he can make tired look this cute. I can't stop looking at those LIPS!

"Look who I found!"

-Jiro may be busy, but he always find those small joys in life~! and look its PIKACHU! Pika Pika~

"Look who I ran into? Feels like I'm shooting KO3 An Guo Again!"

Everyone must have been working in Kao Hsiung that day because that is where everyone is hiding it seems haahaa.
Jiro ran into George Hu while George was working " Checking up on the buddy"
Shooting is coming to an end today but progress is made~

Jiro makes the silliest faces haha X-Dormitory don't forget to support!


So tell me? How do you like Jiro? sleepy and precious? rocker and handsome? cute and funny?


  1. i just love the ko series. jiro's hilarious xD

  2. lol - I like Jiro any way we get him!