Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Aaron Yan endorses <Heme>

Interview videos:

Aaron Yan has picked up another endorsement and this time it is for Heme! A company that provides beauty products like cleansers, CC/BB creams or other merchandises similar both for men and women. 

A few weeks prior Heme held a contest on Facebook to choose the "White Girl" which is their theme this year for Aaron to apply the products on. 
Below were the two contestants whom won the chance to spend time on stage with Aaron and have him show how to use each product.

During the interview though the media was especially curious about Aaron whom has just released his new album and also has been working on his drama with Tia Lee- Fall in Love with Me. 
The media also asked about his recently well built new body that he has so boldly exhibited in the drama and on Facebook. Aaron only proudly said it came from hard work and that he didn't intend to lose as much weight as he did but it may have been caused by only eating boiled foods reducing him to only having 3% fat on his body. 
The media asked why he stated he was scared to take showers at the gyms and he states "... it was more I was too intimidated to take the showers because everyone was so well built, but now I have what I feel is the limit or goal that I can strive for, a body I am proud of so I am not scared to show it." 
When asked if he would shoot a photo book, he answered he didn't know yet but he would love to see it too! 

Aaron cracks countless jokes with the media and finally someone ask if they can feel how well his body has been built since he stated he has abs now and he is quite proud of them. 
While feeling it gets confused as to who will touch and not and Aaron jokingly shouts "Who is going touch??!" Leading everyone into laughter.


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