Monday, June 23, 2014

Calvin meets up with Cai Huang Ru & TWINKO

Aaron may be the busy one lately but he isn't the only one in Fahrenheit getting his hands full of beauties :D
Fellow bandmember Calvin Chen ran into his last co-star from " Lucky Touch " - Dou Hua Mei (Cai Huang Ru) one of the first girls to be considered a Goddess when the rumor of the proclaimed "GODDESS of Taiwan" swept the ent. circle.
Below is a photo of the two :D so cute still!

Calvin Chen also has picked up a cameo role, but I have yet to see which one it is. All I know is that the new girl band TWINKO is featured in it. One of the members of Twinko (which is proclaimed to be a short girl group) has also worked with Aaron Yan before on a commercial :D 

Below is Calvin at a high school, while running around for hosting :D

Calvin after returning to Taiwan from China, said that he was home finally and snuck onto the subway hopefully on one noticed him XD

Well, that is Calvin's schedule so far this past week. We'll wait and see what drama, and shows are to come up next ~~


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