Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Jiro ask to be NeiNei's manager- Chun rejects

"I love you bro, but this is my daughter."
This phrase can be used to explain Wu Chun and Jiro Wang's funny situation currently.
Jiro Wang who has recently taken on Producing and becoming a judge/show host on mainland china's child's voice show, has taking on a liking to the idea of becoming a manager/boss of his own company.

When posed with the question of if he did do so what would be his motive behind the company. Jiro claims he wouldn't be signing on artist/actors/actresses that were already past their childhood, because he started to have this though after join the show "Child's Voice" (a singing show for children). I want to help them achieve their dreams faster and be able to fulfill their hopes, in trade for the happy faces and innocent childhood memories- it is something so precious that we as adults tend to forget after a long time.

Jiro was later asked if he had asked anyone yet, and Jiro laughingly said "Yes, and I was rejected by her father."
Who ? Who was it...?
That's right no other than "Nei Nei - Zun Xin Li" haha, Wu Chun was quite quick to reject me too joked Jiro who couldn't wipe the smile off his face while speaking of Chun.
"She is really cute and I believe she really does have some potential. But Wu Chun has already said no, and I still have so much to learn. We will see in the future."

One day she may join Daddy on stage, but as of right now, home is best.


  1. LOL. thats hilarious xD i love how the flh members are constantly delving into different types of job areas, be it hosting... filming movies... owning salons or clothing stores... they never just settled for one job. jiro, u can do it! xD

    1. no kidding. Calvin, Chun, and Jiro all own their own clothes lines- Calvin, Jiro, Aaron all do hosting- Chun and Jiro are super big hits on the big screen, and Calvin may keep doing it. Aaron is now the New Face of Dramas, and Music headlines. Fahrenheit's success is going so far :D