Thursday, June 26, 2014

Aaron Yan shows up to support Yoga without makeup

Yoga Lin had celebrating his new single, "Speaking in Tongues" in Xi Men Ding and while holding his fans meeting, he had a special guest arrive.
Aaron Yan! But not as a well prepared Aaron Yan, he showed up sweating and in his glasses not contacts and happily without any makeup Aaron expressed : "Yoga always says I'm too handsome, so I'll let him be handsome today :D"
The two good friends have been quite close ever since Yoga's debut, and after Aaron debuted his solo album career, the two music geniuses have been side by side during many shows and ceremonies. Lately though, it has been quite hard to see the two together, fans of Aaron and Yoga call them "YanJia" combining Yan from Aaron's last name, and Jia from Yoga's name Lin You Jia.

Yoga after seeing Aaron came all the way to support him, said " I saw him earlier, walking around because I know he works out around here, but I didn't expect him to show up for my fans meeting! I mean he isn't wearing make up or anything look at him still so handsome!"
Many netizens and fans on the site called out "Xiao Lu" when seeing Aaron appear in glasses and bangs down, he laughed and said if he appeared with his hair set they'd better call him Lu Tian Xing.

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