Monday, June 16, 2014

Fans reaction to Fall in Love With Me ep11- uproar may shake ratings

The heat is on, Episode 11 premiered last night with undying drama. (SPOILER ALERT!!!- if you do not want to know some parts don't read!!! SPOILERS)
Tao Le Si figures out who Xiao Lu really is, heart broken now she is unable to even listen to what he has to say. With betrayal and a broken heart leading her entire character she will be the one character fans wished would become more "smart" as some say.
Huan Huan, heartbroken and also shaken by the fact that her beloved Lu Tian Xing is going to disappear so that Xiao Lu can live by Tao Le Si forever she keeps trying to contact him.
Lance, as a  brother to Huan Huan and one of the Co-Owners of Tian Ji can no longer watch Tian Xing carry on with his actions.

After sending the video to Tao Zi and she tells Lu Tian Xing everything she leaves and Tian Xing undying persist her to make her listen to his reasoning. Huan Huan who cannot contact Tian Xing, calls Tao Le Si asking for him, Tao Le Si then has Huan Huan meet them so she can take Tian Xing away.

The turmoil starts here when Tao Le Si accidentally slips off the ledge after wrestling with Lu Tian Xing, Huan Huan walking forward to help also slips. Leaving only Tian Xing (Aaron) to hold both ladies. Huan Huan seeing that her beloved Tian Xing is injured let's go of his hand and falls to the bottom. Rushing to the hospital only to realized that she may never walk again.

Fans were very angry with this part in particular because they state this is a "OLD TRICK" of dramas, also that this episode shouldn't have even included that scene because it makes it feel like "Fall in love with you"  is part of the daily dramas and not the sunday dramas genre. Many fans reacted very angrily with the scene of Huan Huan losing her legs and the factor that Tian Xing may have to retain by her side and may never get to explain to Tao Le Si. But regardless the rating that day did go up, and I personally feel that the scene was quite reasonable considering the area of the argument.

Aaron also was watching and continually posted up photos of himself watching well...his own drama!
On one post where Leo calls him : Lu Tian Xing, Aaron uploaded the comment " Omg~!"
Which personally I found adorable haahaa. Well until next week.


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  1. I'd be mad, too, if they hadn't put the twist on it that they did.