Friday, June 13, 2014

Fashion & Beauty Mag. Features Jiro

09/06/2014 Vol.546 Fashion & Beauty流行新姿 汪東城
Jiro Wang featured in Vol.546 of Fashion & Beauty "Sporty Chic Style" magazine.

Starting from a commercial actor Jiro met with undying obstacles before he became a official well known actor, when obtaining a role in the hot drama "It started with a Kiss" acting as the second male lead Ah-Jin. Even with his name slowly rising on the charts what Jiro wanted most was to stand onstage and perform, and that chance came in late 2005 when he was signed to star in the drama "Ko-One" alongside his co-stars Aaron Yan, and Calvin Chen. The cast alone was full of new faces but the script was worth anticipation. Jiro's stardom and dream came together after this drama started to aire.
The manager of H.I.M contacted Comic Ritz who had originally signed on Jiro Wang, Calvin Chen, Aaron Yan and Wu Chun (who had also shot to stardom shooting Tokyo Juilet that same year); with the four together Fahrenheit was born leading Jiro to his stage.
After 5 years the band had released albums that were making no.1 on charts all over asia, but Jiro's true love for Rock music had yet to be released. It was not until the end of 2012 when Jiro released his album "What are you waiting for" that Jiro's true music style was found.

The Actor/Artist is now also his own Fashion Icon though, this started ever since his debut. Any type of Rocker style would be approached by him, and so Jiro did successfully establish Mua-Jo a fashion line that has sold very well in the past year and has let Jiro express himself through his designs.
His success doesn't stop there but he has also become a producer and is now producing "BigHero" (DaYingXiong), a mainland movie that recently started shooting last month.

From commercial actor, to boyband member, to his own fashion line and personal album, Jiro Wang has stopped at no obstacles to achieve what he has today. The Jiro Wang that poses to photos today is one whom has proven himself to all who question his success.




  1. Is he just producing the movie or in it, too?

  2. :) goooo jiro! when i went to get a haircut, i was looking thru magazines and i saw his picture. i think it was from what are you waiting for era.

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