Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Aaron Yan & Tia Li- Hua Liu Magazine Fans meeting

Aaron Yan and Tia Li came together on the 26th to celebrate Spop Hua Liu's magazine success with fans at the Settv station. 

Aaron even jokingly teased fans and Tia constantly. When asked about the issue of their lips both being affected at the same time, Aaron questioned Tia "Yea? how was the timing so right?" 
Tia laughed and said "I had nothing to do with Aaron's lips but mines did get hurt the same day haha"
Aaron responded "I bit my lips that day and it was swelling that night." 
Fans though love these scenerios so the "fan story" goes "What did Aaron and Tia do to have the same hurt lips that evening?" 

When Aaron and Tia walked onto stage was probably when the screams reached a climax, having the host day if it got any louder the building would collapse. But later when taking photos some of the screams went down some an Aaron kept teasing to leave.
When telling jokes the two rotated and at the end of Aaron's joke everyone knew the answer leaving Tia only to laugh. One joke where no one laughed only Tia and Aaron laughed left everything awkward yet amusing.


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