Monday, March 3, 2014

{Ai Shang Liang Ge Wo 愛上兩個我} Updates

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The drama is scheduled to aire after Deja Vu is finished and also this will be Aaron's first try on re-entering the Sunday 10 o'clock drama list. After some hard times with ratings on dramas before "Just You" Friday success SETTV has put him back onto the Sunday list. 
A lot of fans have made statements to not support Tia&Aaron because they would rather see Aaron and Puff once agin perform together, some even saying that they dislike Tia's acting and many of these rumors have led to whether or not Tia and Puff really do not get along. 
Aaron Yan after leaving the Fahrenheit issues behind have now gotten caught up in the "Dream Girls" box of rumors, everywhere now he is questioned since he has worked with both ladies has he ever heard of them talking bad about eachother.
Aaron laughing only responds that through all the time he worked with Puff he has never heard her say any kind of slander towards Tia, and the same goes for Tia because after working the first few scenes with Tia he already realized that she is someone who is slow to warm up to.
The first scene between the two was him feed her a fried chicken, and having to eat some himself; he himself has said it was hard not because they were breaking the ice this way but because he is still working out and only eats veggies or boiled meats that fried chicken was hard to let go of.
Aaron has claimed though that his 6pack has finally joined him once again, and after long months of training he is coming into content with his new figure.

During the press meeting for "Ai Shang Liang Ge Wo" Aaron was asked many questions about his new character and he said the hardest part is that this character requires to be always hyper and in a happy and optimistic situation, people who know me or see me know that I tend to have a more subdued nature to be calm and distant in most of my characters or mind set. This new attempt will be something to look forward too. ( A hyper Aaron would be cute -hehe)

Though the two have been put under a lot of pressure, Aaron does continue to tell everyone to open up and accept new couples onscreen because every new group has a new feeling to them, besides he is also looking forward to some fun times with this new script.

Personally, I believe Tia is a great actress and a very hardworking girl so Aaron and Tia shouldn't have much to worry about. The drama scheduled to aire towards the end of March and early April!!



  1. i want a hyper aaron too! im thinking meng zhu from the x family ;) aaron was so cute in there. i don't want him to necessarily be AS crazy, but a funny character would be nice.

  2. awe. i will still support aaron no matter what but tbh, i like puff better.! sorry Tia, but i think if puff is the lead, it would be cuter! in my own opinion though :)