Saturday, March 29, 2014

3 Peas In A Pod to be released on DVD

The 3 Peas are back!
But this time it's on the SG Airlines<3 
Catch Penny, Peter, and Perry together on their adventures through a final trip in Australia  to seal away their college years!
Not only that but it has been confirmed 3 Peas will be released on DVD!! Singapore is going to have it released by the end of this month for pre-orders, about SG$15. China and Taiwan fans may also have a chance through fan clubs and weibo to buy the dvds and be given them through member meet ups but currently it is unconfirmed if Left-Profile will release 3Peas internationally for sales. 
If I receive any news that it is going to be sold to the internationally market I will assist to have everyone updated! 


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