Sunday, March 30, 2014

Aaron yan's new body Tia describes as Ice Cream

Ai Shang Liang Ge Wo premieres 4/6/14 at 10pm.
Aaron Yan and Tia Li though have yet another surprise to share with fans whom are anticipating the drama.
Settv has never yet to plant a scene that everyone cannot wait to see, and in this case its still the classic shower scene!

Lu Tian Xin who is driving has an accident with Tao Le Si and her pink powder spills all over him. She can't help but laugh and say he looks adorable, Aaron's character Lu Tian Xin not wanting to be the losing end takes the remainder of the pink powder and pours it onto Tia's character Tao's head ending her laughter. Many should remember this trailer, well it leads to the two having to go to a near by hotel to shower before heading back out.

In this situation though little did Lu Tian Xi expect her to accidentally see all of him! 

This scene had Tia exclaim that "Aaron's body is a lot different from what I expected if I had to describe it, then it was like ice cream for my eyes. Sweeter to look at and not having to feel it." 
Tia also restated what she meant by different from expectation because Aaron while dressed in clothes and his suit looks very small and slim fitted but actually he is hiding all muscle, his arms and his shoulders and also his hidden six pac has joined in. 
Later when asked on what she liked in a man's body she explained I can do without the six pac or eight pac but a toned upper body and arms is always welcomed.
Aaron proudly stated he has been working out a lot before and after working hours and watching his diet to get where he is , but he feels great about it because he is healthier now also.

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